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Be the best version of yourself and thank your future self!
Depression, anxiety, and exhaustion doesn’t have to be your normal
Your family life doesn’t have to leave you feeling empty and overweight.

Are You Fed Up With Life? A Proven Plan to Beat Burnout, Boost Your Energy, and Get your life back

This course will cover the A to Z to build a healthy lifestyle that emphasizes practical nutritional tips, exercise and meditation activities, interactive workshops, and more. These classes are perfect for those who are either curious or desire to learn more about lifestyle medicine principles and how to carry them through their daily routine. These classes occur weekly and you may pick and choose your class or bundle them together. Benefits of Group Course:

  • Extra support and guided conversation
  • Positive non-judgmental vibes that provide a safe and healthy culture
  • Workbook provided to aid learning and practice
  • Simple Plant-based recipes to take home
  • Help with accountability to help achieve your health goals
  • Help you cope with diet and weight dissatisfaction
  • Teach positive mindset
  • Better eating patterns, and control cravings

Classes are 1 hour including Q&A


8 classes total


$50 per class or $300 for all 8 classes




First Class is FREE


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An 8 week class for conquering disease and burnout to increase your energy to live a happy, healthy life from a leading lifestyle medicine medical doctor and nutrition expert.


Week 1. Crash Course to Wellness

This is a great introductory course for those looking to understand the founding principles of living a healthier life. Real strategies to apply TODAY!


Week 2. Why Plant-Based Diet? 

Nutrition has been an underutilized tool in the management of patient health. This workshop explains the pros and cons of various diets and the wonderful impacts of plant-based nutrition.

Week 3. Planning for success: Part 1 “Eating Right”

Education is one part of your success story to better health, where the other half is the right resources and supports to get you there. Let’s learn about the impact of nutrition in our “Eating Right” workshop.

Week 4. Intuitive Eating

This course is great for those how are or have struggled with yo-yo dieting, overeating, under-eating, and/or food aversions. Here you will learn how to listen to your body, eat to heal, and improve your food-relationship.

Week 5. Exercise As Medicine

In this class, you will learn more about how exercise can be used as medicine from improving mental health to regaining mobility and independence. Also, gain great tips for long term health!

Week 6. Stress Management

Conscious and subconscious stress can play a major role in chronic inflammation, the development of the disease, and relationships with others. This hands-on workshop will give you tools to use such as coping strategies, acute & chronic stress management tools.

Week 7. Mindfulness & Meditation

For those unfamiliar with the background and application of mindfulness and meditation on reducing stressful cortisol levels, improving self-regulation, and overall wellness, this course is for you!

Week 8. Planning for Success Workshop. Part 2: Morning & Nightly Routine

Some people love keeping busy and some people love routines. We look into how morning and evening routines can play a role in mental stability and productivity during your day.

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Tap into the powerful energy trifecta: mind, body, spirit that is fed by plant-based nutrition, meditation & exercise, restorative sleep, and a clean environment.


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